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From high crime mogul to trailer dumpster trash, Mara plays “misbegotten grit” with an enticing edge that keeps you guessing.

Industry News

“Mara is a compelling actress who dives into the deep waters of raw emotion. She is one to watch.”

-Kenton Nix, Filmmaker and music producer, with 16 gold and platinum records

“I saw Mara McCann on stage and was inspired to write a piece for her to perform. Never happened before, or since. She’s good.”

-Ritch Schydner, writer for Roseanne TV show

“Mara McCann is one of those rare talents that can take any project to the next level. I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with her and thankful for her great commitment to the task at hand.”

–Wilhelm Scholz-  award winning cinematographer


Mara, born in Long Branch New Jersey, moved at 6 mos old to a very small town in Iowa.   Growing up in the country amid gravel roads and corn fields and hearing stories from her east coast mother about this mystical place called “Manhattan”, she knew at the age of three she wanted to be an actress.   This propelled her to NYC, post college, with a number of years spent studying and living throughout Europe.

She has trained in theatre with Eugenio Barba of Odin Teatret in Denmark, Dah Teatre in Serbia, and extensively in classical theatre and Meisner technique with the late Robert Patterson.  She has a degree in Theatre and Women’s Studies from the University of Iowa.

She has a love of writing, and being in nature, so now is residing between Becket, Massachusetts in a small cabin on 47 acres of protected land, and in Washington Heights in NYC.

She has a passion for music, singing being her first love.   “Music is a remedy for the soul and acting is a way to connect with the audiences I want to touch.”

“I can always learn something new from anyone I meet and need frequent adventures to inspire my creative resources.   I’m on a long journey and looking forward to the next surprises that are in store.  Hope to meet you on this great path!  In gratitude.” 

— Mara


The Chance Meeting:

Sensual and seductve, a pop-jazz infused odyssey with lyrics and vocals by Mara McCann, and music composition by renown composer, Christopher Cordoba.


Strategic Partnerships

Mara McCann is a creative business strategist with 10+ years experience, specializing in emerging tech, mentorship of start-ups, and partnership development. She has managed key investment partnerships for companies in big data, mobile and smart machines.



Highlights: Sundance, Tribeca Film Fest, and talking tech geek